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Spice up your next outfit with these Tango Leike dancing shoes for men that make an impressive statement wherever you go. Available in a fashionable soft silver and gold iridescent textile combined with black leather to accentuate any outfit. Feel like a rock star or shall be better say dancing star? Blending comfort with durability, the soft leather lining is perfect for hours of tangoing. Offering exceptional support with soft padding, the impact absorbing footbed is a must have for anyone with foot pain. Explore the versatility of these stylish and comfortable all-season options.

Men's tango shoes Tanguero, gold/silver iridescent lurex & black nappa leather

Production time aprox 6 weeks
    • Men's tango shoes Tanguero, gold/silver iridescent lurex and black nappa leather
    • In the Product Code the letter 'M' (medium) or 'L' (large) indicates the mold
    • Heel approximately 25mm high, 3 layers. The central material, with a long-lasting memory, is capable of withstanding impacts of 23 tons without deformation
    • Ultra flex leather sole, this makes the foot feel that the shoe takes care of it
    • Impact-absorbing footbed, 2 mm across the foot surface for greater comfort
    • Lining: soft leather in gold colour
    • Resistant and flexible toe cap, which avoids the typical front deformations of men's dance shoes
    • The heel, together with the impact absorbing footbed, is excellent to withstand the demands of dance and thus protect knees, lumbar and back, as well as allowing the dancer a feline, soft and comfortable walk
    • Tango Leike dance shoes are handcrafted in their own Atelier in Italy
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