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Fashionable and comfortable, these Tango Leike women's sandals are the perfect choice for a casual night in your favorite milonga. Aurora is available in a memorable shade of red for an attention-grabbing look. These versatile sandals are a stylish complement to lightweight tango skirts, pants and dresses. The leather lining offers exceptional comfort. Good for soothing foot pain, the impact absorbing footbed is soft and form-fitting for added support while tangoing through the night. Invest in quality foot protection with natural, breathable leather outsoles.

Tango Sandals Aurora, red leather and red suede

Product Code: 19-21-22
Production time aprox 6 weeks
    • Tango Sandals Aurora, red leather and red suede
    • The heel measures approximately 55mm; 75mm; 85mm
    • Lining: soft leather in gold color
    • Buckle fastening ankle strap
    • 5 mm Impact-absorbing footbed in the forefoot area for maximum comfort
    • Soft cushion placed under the metatarsal area for additional relief of your lungs and solar plexus (think about reflexology foot massage)
    • Super Flex leather sole, which allows dancing on parquet or marble floors, rough floors, as well as walking down the street
    • Tango Leike dance shoes are handcrafted in their own Atelier in Italy
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