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The color red in tango: what does it stand for? With the Tango dance, many people associate the colors red and black. Red stands for passion and tango is passion.

Red stands for energy and warmth in European cultural, as well as for fire and passion. Because the blood is also red, red means life. All that and more can - the emphasis is on "can" - embody the tango dance. So it is not surprising that we establish the relationship between the tango dance and the color red. Red is striking. Therefore, this color is used for signage. People wearing red are perceived as more self-assured than the average. Are you paying more attention to them?

Red shoes dance more

It looks like that Tangueras and Milongueras are dancing more when wearing red shoes. This is what we hear from our customers we meet on Festivales all over Europe. Maybe we have been influenced by these statements and designed more Tango shoes in red this season than before. The red tones we used range from dark burgundy - blood red - to bright Ferrari red. As far as different color combinations are concerned, we love to combine animal print with red. In the special collections of Leike Loca "Crazy Leike", the classic color combination red and black became funky. The front part of the sandal we made in black varnished leather but with the back and the heel we got "loco". One heel is red and the other one is black. One back is black and the other one is red. (think of chess). We are using a variety of materials such as nappa, glitter, suede, lace, net or patent leather in one shoe. This makes them unique, but this is another story...

Beauty Tip:

Your teeth will look whiter using red lipstick with a tendence to a blue shade.

How to wear the color red:

There are many ways to wear the color red. It depends a lot on your personality. You can wear the LBD with a red, patent leather high heel or just go for the head turning total look in red. Color blocking is another option which is perfect if your closet is full of monocolor clothes. Then we have geometric pattern with red shades or super feminin flower prints. Without a doubt your red shoes will give a sophisticated look to you outfit and do not forgett: Red shoes are dancing ;-)

Tango Fashion

Florence Darlan Paris - Buenos Aires



TangoLeike - Otro modo de bailar



Editors note:

Watch out, Florence Darlan´s fashion is addicting like the shoes of TangoLeike.

Once you go Leike, you never go back.

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