Sandwich heel with soft memory material in the middle for better comfort. Good for your knees, hips and back.


Super flex leather sole. However, each pair comes with a cromo sole which can be attached by you or your shoemaker. 

artisan tools


2mm anti-shock footbed to protect your feet and body.

The fusion of technology and design transforms Tango Leike shoes into a dance instrument. When Fernando, the founder of the Argentinian brand Tango Leike decided to move the production from Buenos Aires to Vigevano, close to Milan, he put all his effort into the development of the best men tango shoe on the market. It took quite a while but when the first prototypes were ready to be tested, Fernando was fascinated by the relaxation of his body and the relief of his knees.


Heel, sole, and footbed are 3 technical items, the so called fundament for comfortable dancing shoes. Paired with elegant design and soft leather which is used for the upper and lining, these Argentinian tango dancing shoes are objects of desire for the most demanding dancers.

MilongueroLAB by Tango Leike

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MilongueroLAB by Tango Leike

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