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Finest Italian and Argentinian Artisans

Being present at a lot of International Tango Festivales like MTF Mallorca Tango Festival, CITF Catania International Tango Festival, Tarbes en Tango Festival, Bordeaux, Den Haag, you name it, we have the chance to meet a lot of small and unique Brands. Having said that, it was just a question of time to come up with the idea to create an e-commerce store and show you Brands you might not know but hopefully fall in love with.


Otro modo de bailar

TangoLeike, Buenos Aires – Argentina. The brands name incorporates Leike which is Fernando’s mother’s name and the first time she saw the name in print a smile crossed her face. Fernando gets his inspiration from life and nature. He always says “to Dance Tango in life is like living a relationship it’s so simple yet so complex at the same time.

Men dancing Tango
Beautiful women with earings

Adornos di Marcella

"Yes, I dance Tango"!

"Adornos di Marcella" is a line of jewelry, born in 2010 from the passion for tango and combines steel with  a wide range of semi-precious stones and crystals. The creations, with a contemporary design, are the result of  high Italian craftsmanship. Adornos is the pleasure of wearing the passion for TANGO, a symbol to say (why not? Even with a hint of pride) "Yes, I dance Tango"!

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